AI Policy Proposals - Otto Barten - November 2023
Inquiry into artificial intelligence (AI) in New South Wales: Submission in relation to copyright issues - 2 July 2023
Copyright matters in relation to AI models - Nik Samoylov - 15 July 2023
Supporting responsible AI: Supplementary submission from Campaign for AI Safety on copyright issues - Nik Samoylov - 31 July 2023
Response to a letter submitted to the Australian Government - Ryan Webb - 15 August 2023
Submission: Parliament of South Australia Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence
Consultation: Safe and Responsible AI in Australia - 25 July 2023
Submission: Development Of Canadian Code Of Practice For Generative Artificial Intelligence Systems
Submission: Inquiry into Artificial Intelligence (AI) in NSW
Comments: US Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence
Consultation: UK Product Safety Review, 30 November 2023
Submission: High-level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence’s Call for Papers on Global AI Governance
Campaign for AI Safety submission to AI Foundation Models: Initial Review - May 2023
Response: Encouraging Innovative Technologies, Services, Use Cases, and Business Models through Regulatory Sandbox in Digital Communication Sector
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Request for information: National Priorities for Artificial Intelligence
Consultation: A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation