Artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly in the last years. If this rise will continue, it could be a matter of time until AI approaches, or surpasses, human capability level at a wide range of tasks. Many AI industry leaders think this may occur in just a few years. What will happen if they are right?

Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville) will discuss the question of controllability of superhuman AI. The implications of his results for AI development, AI governance, and society will then be discussed in the panel with philosopher Simon Friederich (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), parliamentarians Jesse Six Dijkstra (NSC), Queeny Rajkowski (VVD) and Marieke Koekkoek (Volt), policy officer Lisa Gotoh (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and AI PhD Tim Bakker (UvA).

The future of AI will become a determining factor of our century. If you want to understand future AI’s enormous consequences for the Netherlands and the world, this is an evening not to miss!