The Existential Risk Observatory will host new AI Safety Summit Talks with Yoshua Bengio!

Many leading scientists are worried that AI could be an existential risk to humanity. The AI Safety Summits, taking place this time in Seoul, South Korea, aim to reduce risks from AI together with industry and 28 leading AI countries plus the EU.

Unfortunately, these summits are behind closed doors, meaning citizens cannot verify how AI risks, which impose existential risks upon them, are being reduced. Therefore, our AI Safety Summit Talks are open to the general public, policymakers, and journalists. At our events, we discuss what the largest risks of future AI are and how to reduce them.

Our speakers for this edition are:


Yoshua Bengio is professor at the University of Montreal (MILA institute). He is recipient of the Turing Award and generally considered one of the fathers of AI. He is also globally the most cited AI scientist and most cited computer scientist.


Max Tegmark is physics professor at MIT. His current research focuses on the intersection of physics and AI. He is also president and cofounder of the Future of Life Institute (FLI).
Jaan Tallinn is cofounder of Skype, CSER, and FLI, investor in DeepMind and Anthropic, and a leading voice in AI Safety.
Holly Elmore is AI activist and Executive Director of PauseAI US. She holds a PhD in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University.
Will Henshall is editorial fellow at TIME Magazine. He covers tech, with a focus on AI. One recent piece he wrote details big tech lobbying on AI in Washington DC.
Arjun Ramani writes for The Economist about economics and technology. His writings on AI include a piece on what humans might do in a world of superintelligence.
Stijn Bronzwaer is AI and technology journalist at leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. He co-authored a best-selling book on and is recipient of investigative journalism award De Loep.

David Wood, chair of the London Futurists, will be our moderator.

The event will be fully remote.
21 May, 20:00-21:30 Seoul time (13:00 CET, 12:00 UK, 7:00 EST)
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